What’s Your Go-to Comfort Media? [rough cut]

Everyone has unique ways of unwinding and finding comfort after a long day. My comfort media spans a wide range, from the passive consumption of TV shows to more engaging activities like gaming and listening to podcasts. Here’s a glimpse into my go-to sources for comfort and relaxation.

Screen Time: Netflix and More

My comfort viewing typically involves having a series playing in the background from Netflix or another streaming platform. It’s a form of passive binge-watching where my eyes might not always be on the screen, but my ears are tuned in, ready to engage fully when something catches my interest. Unlike music I can listen to on repeat, I rarely rewatch anything, seeking instead the familiar background noise of new episodes.

Music and Podcasts

Music has always been a constant companion for me. From the days in college when I discovered, I could write a paper while listening to August and Everything After by Counting Crows to now, having playlists and new artists filling a similar role. My music consumption is repetitive, often sticking to the same album or playlist for weeks.

Podcasts also significantly influence my daily routine, offering various content from daily updates to weekly deep dives into fascinating subjects. They provide a mix of entertainment and information that fits perfectly into my schedule.

Books and Audiobooks

Despite wishing I had spent more time reading books, my day is often consumed by reading code, documentation, and messages for work. By the evening, I find my brain craves less intense engagement, making it hard to commit to reading. However, audiobooks have found their place in my routine, especially during tasks like mowing the lawn or doing yard work, where they can offer a narrative escape.


Gaming, particularly on my Switch, offers a unique escapism that lets me shut off my brain from the day’s worries. Over the holidays, diving into games like Dave the Diver provides a personal retreat and bonding activity with my son, exploring and completing tasks together.


Sports, especially basketball and football, serve as another layer of comfort media for me. There’s something incredibly soothing about taking a Sunday nap with a football game playing in the background, providing a familiar, comforting backdrop to rest.

This article was inspired by a post on Kottke.org.

Jeff Triplett @webology