The Django apps I actually use (rough cut)

This is an updated version of my response to the Top 5 3rd party packages from the Django Forum.

I plan on writing something more in-depth, but life, family, and getting the kids ready for the week got away from me today. Here is my list in case anyone finds them to be helpful.

  • django-allauth
  • django-click
  • django-htmx
  • django-q2
  • django-test-plus
  • django-tailwind-cli
  • django-template-partials
  • environs[django]
  • heroicons[django]
  • neapolitan
  • python-slugify
  • ruff via pre-commit but previously was black
  • whitenoise

Projects I no longer use

  • django-dbbackup I dropped this app for DSLR and then I more recently dropped I dropped them both because I didn’t want to install the extra Postgres files in my containers. I use pg_backup, pg_restore, and psql via the official
Jeff Triplett @webology