🏡 Today, in this old house…

I swapped out a first-gen Wyze Floodlight with the latest Floodlight Pro model and adjusted it. Their first-generation floodlight worked great, but we decided to upgrade after some of our neighbors started having random break-ins and random car damage. The latest model’s camera has better granularity to read license plates and other details, which is a good peace of mind if there’s another hit and run.

Since I already had the ladder out putting up the new floodlight, I removed a limb and many branches that had accumulated on our roof over the winter.

I attempted to recover our garage Orbi satellite, which went offline while in Pittsburgh and refused to reconnect. I chased my tail for a good hour and reset it a few times before giving up. I checked a few hours later, and everything was back in sync.

I recharged our Wyze doorbell camera, which went through a similar loop. It must use lower-power Bluetooth because it only slowly started to charge once I moved the physical doorbell closer to where I was trying to charge it.

I primed our front entryway’s rails and support beams, which I had planned on getting to for over a month. I plan to paint it next week.

All on a Monday afternoon.

I have dozens of home maintenance and improvement projects this summer, from gates to stairs to replacing wood rot to painting and staining.