I dove into Echofeed this weekend, and I set up three new Echos that consume RSS feeds of various services.

Every time I publish a new blog post on my micro.blog, a new blog post gets published on my main website. My website is currently hosted on GitHub Pages via Jekyll, and Echofeed does the heavy lifting to create a new frontmatter + markdown file for every post.

I also added two more Echos, which consume my Trakt RSS feeds to track every movie and series I watch into their collections.

I plan to list both data points on my now page, which I always intended to capture what I’m currently consuming and doing.

I also use Echofeed to publish these microblog posts to my Mastodon account. I prefer this over micro.blog’s built-in cross-posting features because Echofeed lets me create a custom post template, which is more flexible. I’m using the same workflow for Django News and Django Packages.

Overall, I’m impressed with Echofeed, and I’m happy to pay $25 a year for the value I’m getting from it. Please let me know what you think if you try it out and find some value in it.