This week, we learned that Perplexity AI Is Lying about Their User Agent. I have long suspected that many AI crawlers ignore Robots.txt, which has led me to write a block by User-Agent middleware. This has also led services like to start Blocking Bad Bots by default.

We can’t even trust that User Agents are respected, so we might need to double down on prompt injections as a possible workaround, since AI services are particularly vulnerable. Perplexity AI is susceptible to prompt injection

Ethics be damned; this is another example of tech asking forgiveness, not permission.

Until proven otherwise, AI companies are becoming the bad neighbors of the Internet. They block your driveway, let their dogs poop in our yard without picking it up, use your trashcans without asking, and ask you to get faster Internet after you discover they were still using your guest network after that one time they asked to use it because of an emergency.