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    🎮 8BitDo Golden/Silver Limited Edition controllers

    My favorite third-party video game hardware company, 8BitDo, announced its 11th-anniversary limited edition controllers, SN30 Pro - Golden/Silver Limited Edition.

    I have over half a dozen 8BitDo controllers (and even a keyboard), my favorites, and what we pick up when my family wants to game on our Switch or iPad.

    I wanted the SN30 form factor but have yet to order one. I don’t know if a metal, wired controller will fit into my library, but they tempt me.

    Thursday July 11, 2024
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    🎮 Planet of Lana

    My son and I started playing Planet of Lana, a sci-fi adventure/platform/puzzle game about a young girl and her cat. They are on a mission to rescue her sister, who was abducted by an invasion of hostile alien machines. It’s fun; we have worked together to solve the puzzles.

    We are playing on the Switch, and the game is 20% off in the Nintendo Store.

    Friday June 7, 2024
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    🎮 RetroArch on iPhone and iPad

    My favorite emulator, RetroArch, is now available on iOS, so I can play my favorite retro console games on my iPhone or iPad. The current release is not optimized for the iPad, but like all/most iOS, it will run on the iPad in an upscaled mode. While this could be better, it’s good enough for now. 

    Setting up RetroArch to handle a wide range of consoles is overwhelming. Thankfully, some good guides like this RetroArch Starter Guide. If you prefer a video walkthrough, I prefer this RetroArch on iPhone & iPad (Starter Guide). Both are great resources by Russ at Retro Game Corps, which is one of my favorite resources for emulation software and hardware. 

    If you are looking for a great controller, I own way too many 8BitDo controllers. They are my favorite gamepads and arcade sticks and a family favorite in my household for our Nintendo Switch, too.

    Thursday May 23, 2024
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    🎮 Dave the Diver: Godzilla is out! 🦖


    Thursday May 23, 2024
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    🎮 TIL Nintendo Switch Game KVM

    The Nintendo Switch is very popular in my household. My six-year-old is at the right age to play a round or two of Mario Kart, TMNT, Kirby, or whatever we feel like, and it’s a fun night. What gets annoying is taking the Switch out from under our TV to switch games and wait for it to reconnect to the TV.

    I was sharing this “pain” with a friend of mine who shared this Unitek 4-in-1 Game Card Reader (similar model) with me, which might be the most lazy product that I own. The Unitek reader connects to your Switch and holds four games, which you can switch between with a remote button. The product has no frills, but it doesn’t have to. All it needs to do is switch games when you press a button, which it does wonderfully.

    Oh, a whim, I decided to check out their website to see what other products they make, and I stumbled on their Game KVM Docking Station with Remote. If I needed a Dock, I would be tempted. TBH, I’m already tempted to know if I could stack my 4-in-1 Game Card reader with the KVM Docking station to get seven games on standby, but I suspect the remotes will be on the same frequency.

    If video game emulation is your thing, I picked up Delta last week for iOS in the App Store, but I have yet to have time to try it out. I own several small portable emulation devices that I rarely use, but Delta might be the one that finally sticks because I always have my iPhone with me.

    Sunday April 21, 2024
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    🎮 Dave the Diver

    Dave the Diver is a fun game for such a random, quirky, and so many game-styles / mini-games all mashed together. In the game, you play Dave, who dives and explores the sea by day, and you run a sushi restaurant by night.

    It’s one of the few games where I pushed to get the endgame out of the way to resume running my sushi restaurant, maxing out my employees, and completing my dive adventures/collecting. Even after a few months, I still enjoy playing day-to-day activities.

    If you are looking for a fun 2D video game to dive into, I have thoroughly enjoyed Dave the Diver.


    Friday March 8, 2024